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Healing with Nature

A movement ritual in nature that illuminates the power that a poetic presence with nature has to heal inwardly.

~ Simple and easy movement, writing, and free drawing woven into ritual. No experience is necessary ~


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me privately or on this event page.


*please wear comfortable clothes and shoes*

*meeting point tba*


Cost : 33 pounds per person.




This workshop is led by Nathalie Brilliant. Nathalie is a spiritual artist, guide and mother of two boys and a black labrador. She has training and a background in psychology, yoga, meditation, somatic experiencing, performance art, painting, journey work, Reiki, and Anna Halprin's life/art work. All these practices have informed the current work and healing she does.


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Individual, group, or space-specific performance workshops available upon request.


Outline of a sample workshop:


Deconstructing conformed approaches to things and each other, a performance workshop experience. 


A participatory performance workshop which begins with a standing meditation, followed by movement exercises influenced by Anna Halprin, Butoh and Eastern Philosophies. The exercises bring awareness and connection to the body, enabling presence in the mind in correlation with he body. The participants will then explore different ways of moving, shaping their bodies to the objects presented, and to each other. Non-verbal movement will be explored allowing for new connections between bodies and space to manifest. 


The piece thinks about how, we as bodies, shape each other, and how the things and objects that surround us define and inform gesture and movement. Conformed quotidian movement will be deconstructed through conscious somatic play and exploration of body in relation to objects and other bodies. The workshop explores the body in a sculptural, somatic and psychological manner, beginning with the body as medium, as art. It looks to consider how the spaces we situate ourselves in and the people who surround us shape our beings and inform the way we bend, move and think and looks to present a poetic display of co-existence, relation and interaction. 

Conecting to the creative process through the mind and body


A workshop that focuses on how a mind body connection can enable flow and an embrace of the creative process to manifest. The workshop begins with a standing meditation that moves into moving meditation, exploring the anatomy of the body through movement and weight placement. From this state of being within the mind and body, art will be created. The art made in this workshop is not specific to one meidum, but may consist of painting, performance, film, drawing, writing, photography etc. and in its essence, focuses on enabling a fluid, uninhibiting connection to creativity to be explored and found within. 




Yoga and Pilates

I also teach a class that fuses yoga and pilates together. The class centers on connecting to the core. 


One - on -ones available as well as group classes. 


Meditation/Moving Meditations

Sessions that utilize sound and vocal guidance to inform the mind into flow and a space of de-attachment. 



Email me for more information on any class/workshop listed above or idea you may have in mind.


I am also interested in various forms of collaborations.