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The Tidal Wave of Emotions

How to love them, soften into them, and transform them


Emotions come and go, sometimes like a tidal wave. We are immersed so fully in them, we let them control us and take over. This is lovely when happiness, excitement, joy erupts, but what about those darker emotions that we may wish we didn’t carry? What about when anger, depression, sadness erupt, how to do we channel and work with this darker side of ourselves?


Did you know that emotions such as jealousy, anger, sadness, loneliness from our past could evolve into disease? We must learn about ourselves and our story to uncover what we are storing beneath the surface in our bodies and why. By doing so, we can release stuck patterns and transform ourselves into the loving, free and balanced human our essence truly is.


In this workshop, I will offer a guided meditation, somatic tracking techniques as a means to connect with emotions as they arise, and a deep guided meditative journey. Reiki will be entwined throughout certain meditations. We will end the session with free movement to release what was uncovered and connect with the spirit of love.


I am grateful to offer this work. My intention is to offer tools for you to heal yourself and be who you want to be, rather than allow your emotions control you.


We are on this journey together. This work is contagious. As you heal and transform you will affect the other people in your life by these subtle shifts in energy.


Trust this process. Welcome the mystery of the universe and embrace your power to love.


With love, truth, wisdom, power and love,



Warm healing tea will be provided.

Please wear comfortable clothing and bring a mat with you.

Connecting to the creative process through the mind and body


A workshop that focuses on how a mind body connection can enable flow and an embrace of the creative process to manifest. The workshop begins with a standing meditation that moves into moving meditation, exploring the anatomy of the body through movement and weight placement. From this state of being within the mind and body, art will be created. The art made in this workshop is not specific to one meidum, but may consist of painting, performance, film, drawing, writing, photography etc. and in its essence, focuses on enabling a fluid, uninhibiting connection to creativity to be explored and found within. 



Meditation/Moving Meditations

Sessions that utilize sound and vocal guidance to inform the mind into flow and a space of de-attachment. 



Email me for more information on any class/workshop listed above or idea you may have in mind.


I am also interested in various forms of collaborations.

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