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Blue and black yellow blood poem


Undercurrent gurgling gurgling gurgling

Chocolate mable syrup

She doesn’t want to have it

And says, “no no no,”

It seems like angels flashed before a vagina loose and wet.

It doesn’t have to be fireflies when the vernacular transcends.

An elevated status divides premeditated impromptu haphazard.

Blue performativity – a stereotype.

What if her head were a rabbit, drooping ears pouring with blood

Blood everywhere, on the floors, on my notebook, on my computer on the wall.

Blue blood, black blood, yellow blood yellow yellow yellow

Blue black yellow blood.



Understandably nothing wise whispered lashes lashes of teaming hope

It’s not as though air is thicker than ice

It’s just that though.

Frozen in apple red white and blue

Passion, Christ, passion

Don’t ya got some?

Livid horror of traumatic memories dead in stone cold stone

211 died

and RI richd died in a car accident.

Where were the guns?



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