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Video by Dio Chen ad Minoosh Zomorodinia


Nathalie Brilliant



Xiao Wang 


Date: 2014


CONCENTRATE, San Francisco Art Institute, CA


Concept: Nathalie Brilliant emulated a wedding experience for her piece, "Delores," as means to psycholgically release her own experiences and thoughts on marriage. She walked out into the courtyard of the San Francisco Art Institute, wearing the wedding dress she wore on her wedding day. She then proceeded to walk towards the small pond in the courtyard as Xiao Wang played sounds on an electric guitar. She stepped into the water, in full attire, and then lay down, allowing her dress to enable her to float. As she lay in the cold water, she repeated the words "Delores," translated as "suffering" over and over again for approximately 30 minutes. She then submerged her entire face and body, as a means to cleanse or in signification of a baptism. She removed herself from the water, unzippled her dress and walked away. The piece draws imagery and connection to John Everett Milais, "Ophelia."

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