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The existentialism of art



Aristotle once stated, in response to his pedagogical teachings from Plato, that the world is an imitation of ideas and art is an imitation of the imitation.

            I am an artist, I imitate the imitation of ideas. My art imitates the world, which is an imitation of ideas. As an artist, I propel the art that imitates the world to be made. Thus, I inhale the world to diffuse it in the form of art.

            Art is a form of diffusement, a form of expression, a form of regurgitation, a conscious one sometimes and sometimes not. Art is a form of interpretation, a form of conversation, a form of the idea of the idea. What is good art?

            Good art responds to history. Good art responds to an Other and relies on an Other to make it qualitative as being good or bad. That is the nature of judgement, relation to the Other. Without an Other, in any sense of the word (literature, history, a subject) it could not be compared to being good or bad because there would be no basis for this understanding. It would just be.


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