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Screenshot from” Physical Literacy,” Korallia Stergides & Beckie Cove

Presenting a medley of...
Visual Music from The iotaCenter
Films by friends and strangers
Curated by Vomit Mangos

A screening of films in conjunction with the Adobe Backroom Gallery’s current show, “The Infraordinary.” 
Curated by Vomit Mangos

Jules Verne states, "Look with all your eyes, look."
and listen.

George Perec coins, "The Infraordinary," as the "the markings and manifestations of the everyday that consistently escape our attention as they compose the essence of our lives -- what happens, when nothing happens.”[1] The show, The Infraordinary, presents works that "record, compose, or transform these substrata of experience."[2]

Order of Films to be Screened:

Frank & Caroline Mouris, "Coney"

Jules Engel, "Accident" 

Brielle Brilliant, "Lines" 

Matt McCormick, "The Subconscious Art of Graffiti Removal"


Korallia Stergides & Beckie Cove, "Physical Literacy" 

Minshin Yano & Kika Brockstedt, "Desiderio"

Raphael Schulenberg, "1a Brampton road"

Elisabeth Kohnke, "Sky Suite" 


Frank and Caroline Mouris are independent filmmakers who specialize in animation and collage. The couple's 1973 classic short, Frank Film, an animated autobiography of Frank Mouris, received an Academy Award and was selected in 1996 for inclusion in the National Film Registry, which preserves films deemed to be "culturally, historically and esthetically important." Frank Film, because of its innovative and energetic use of collage, has exerted an influence on succeeding generations of animators. Frank and Caroline Mouris are the creators of animated shorts for Sesame Street as well as for other television programs, including Nickelodeon, MTV, Disney, the Carton Network and the Comedy Channel. Frank Mouris received a Guggenheim Fellowship in 1975 and a Directing Fellowship at the American Film Institute in 1978. Caroline Ahlfors Mouris was born in Switzerland and received an MBA from Harvard Business School in 1972.

Jules Engel is a pioneer in the field of animation as a visual art form. Born in Budapest in 1909, Engel grew up outside of Chicago and then moved to Los Angeles as a young man where he successfully created dual careers as an abstract artist and experimental filmmaker. Acknowledged as an early California Modernist, Engel’s extensive art exhibition record (over sixty exhibitions in impressive venues such as the Chicago Art Institute, the Whitney Museum of American Art, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, The Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, the Museum of Modern Art, the Hirschorn, the Walker Art Center, and numerous other notable galleries in the United States and Europe) has paralleled his completion of more than thirty independent experimental and animated films. A creative professional for over six decades, Engel has been rewarded by his peers with an Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences nomination for an Oscar in 1960; the French Oscar, a Jean Vigo Award in 1965; a Norman McLaren Heritage Award in 1992 from the National Film Board of Canada; and two Lifetime Achievement Awards.

brielle brilliant is a writer, filmmaker, and public investigator. she lives in chicago, il.

Matt McCormick is a filmmaker and artist whose work crosses mediums and defies genre distinctions to fashion witty, abstract observations of contemporary culture and the urban landscape. He has had three films screen at the Sundance Film Festival and has had work screened or exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art, The Serpentine Gallery, the Reykjavik Art Museum, The Viennale, SXSW, The Seattle Art Museum, and in 2007 he was selected to participate in both the Moscow Biennial and Art Basil Miami Beach. He has received awards including Best Short Film from the San Francisco International Film Festival, Best Experimental from the New York Underground Film Festival, and Best Narrative from the Ann Arbor Film Festival, and his film The Subconscious Art of Graffiti Removal was named in ‘Top 10 / Best of 2002’ lists in both The Village Voice and Art Forum magazine.

Korallia Stergides and Beckie Cove often work as a creative duo. From an expanding archive of voice, body and object they create fictions out of fragments. They make playful discoveries through live and mediated spaces. Outcomes are ergonomic absurdities that put body and object in ridiculous situations. Using multimedia platforms their work resists categorisation and sits within the contested ground between dance, sculpture, performance and film.

Kika Brockstedt and Minshin Yano create cross-disciplinary work using multimedia platforms. Our work resists categorisation and sits within the contested ground between film, live performance and still image. Coming from different backgrounds, we have found a common language through our playful experimentation by using objects and food as a starting point.

Raphael Schulenburg is a performance practitioner and
artist working across the disciplines of live art practice, design, theatre, and film. His work often explores the transformation of the body in space and changes of spatial qualities over time.
His work is often concerned with the Self-Space relationship of place and non-place. He is interested in forms of failure and disruption within familiar structures and habits. His motivation of creating work is to find an aesthetic and sensational imbalance and unfamiliarity within his environment, which create the possibility of new potential. Schulenburg’s work is created through curiosity and play, reflection on experimentation and research as practice. It aims to be of a personal but also expansive nature. He is a recent graduate of Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design where he studied Performance Design and Practice. His work has been exhibited and performed solo and collaborative at Central Saint Martins, Platform Theatre London, Old Royal Navel College in Greenwich, the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, Dalston Pier Studio in London and Nahmad Project London. He was born and raised in Switzerland and is currently based in London, United Kingdom.

Elisabeth Kohnke is a visual artist working primarily in installation, video and photography. Her interests reside in ecosystems, self-reflexivity, post-humanism and memory. Kohnke received a BA from Mills College in electronic music and video. Since the early 2000’s she has performed and collaborated with many bay area artists, dancers and filmmakers. Starting in 2007, she managed the Experimental Media Arts program at Stanford University until she left in 2014 to pursue an MFA in New Genres at the San Francisco Art Institute. 


Vomit Mangos is a curatorial relationship between Nathalie Brilliant and Hannah Beck. The essence of the duo is to provide a space and place for the indigestible quotidian, existential and phenomenological. You are invited to regurgitate, articulate, and digest me, you, us, and them.

[1] Perec, Georges, An Attempt At Exhausting a Place in Paris. (Cambridge: Wakefield Press, 2010) 51.
[2] Perec, 51.

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