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Photographs by Takming Chuang 



Nathalie Brilliant


Date: April 10th, 2016.


The Ridge Space - 634 15th Street, Oakland, California 94612



Nathalie Brilliant somatically interrogates the architecture of the space exploring and holding dynamic body positions and placements in accordance to the site creating forms with her body in relation to architecture and space. 

The piece looks to understand how spaces shape our bodies and inform our gestures. Conformed movement is deconstructed through conscious somatic play and exploration of body in relation to architecture. 

This piece thinks about the body in a sculputral manner, focusing on the body as a form of art. It looks to consider how the spaces we situate ourselves in and the people who surround us shape our beings and inform the way we bend, move and think.  

Performance Times:
8:15 - 9:15 PM

relational-moving-forms was part of a larger exhibiton called, "DEMO," as part of #* Collective Exhbition.


Exhibiting Artists part of #* collective:

  • Takming Chuang

  • Keith DeNatale

  • Tyler Eash

  • Kristine Eudey

  • Hadar Kleiman

  • Dominique Littleton

  • Danielle Nelson Mourning

  • Kevin Demery Raien

  • Landis Velazquez

More info on #* can be found here:

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