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Photographs by Minoosh Zomorodinia 


Hannah Beck

Angela Newsham

Charlie Bird

Nathalie Brilliant


Perfomed as part of "Rite of Passage," held at The Islamic Cultural Center of North America



Beginning with a meditation to center the body and focus the mind, the performers begin to explore the space touching and feeling the objects present (trees, branches, and moss), as though for the first time.

Thus, creating and holding dynamic body positions and placements in accordance to object, body and space creating forms. 

The piece looks to understand how spaces shape our bodies and inform our gestures. Conformed movement is deconstructed through conscious somatic play and exploration of body in relation to architecture. 

This piece thinks about the body in a sculputral manner, focusing on the body as a form of art. It looks to consider how the spaces we situate ourselves in and the people who surround us shape our beings and inform the way we bend, move and think.  

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