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Darstellung: exposition


Forschung: research


Biopolitics: oriented towards the creation of forms of social life such labor – social, political force.




Pruction line – changes the body

Mind-body feedback loop.

Immaterial production – mood service wrokers sell cheery smiles. Music and choregraphy  -- swirl around and buy things.


Bodies are trained and manipulated but more so of choreography of affect.



Hegemonic // information is the principal commodity.

Used to be that agriculture and labor was the


Patenting and new seed. Information economy.


International network also called globalization

Empire – downsides.


Anything that goes against the system.


Cooperation and collaboration


The common and the masses – the masses becomes faceless and leads to communism and becomes monolithic and deindivsualized.


Possibility of solidarity and singularity

Singularity--- is singularity individual diference?

Or commonality and singularity.




Heavily monetized.



Roles – non army of monsters


Industrialization – strpped of power in work force.




Time and value and recognition and desire and trade


Money Is time

Fetish commodity

Bodies need time

Uncommodify time



Dream I woke up glass was fixed and got ready beth had sent me a message that was dense with her thoughts.


What is a commodity?

What is uncommodified time?

Uncommodified time


Do nothing – monk – sleeping






Space and time becomes condensed.

Space increases, time decrease.

Space decreased, time increase.



Cities and rural environments

Time is warped space.




Exchange system


Commonality  -- producing structure and network and through relationships with each other.

Social flesh. 

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