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Photograph by Conrad Hack



Nathalie Brilliant


Date: April 1st, 2016.


The Ridge Space - 634 15th Street, Oakland, California 94612



Within a circle drawn with chalk, Nathalie Brilliant sits within the drawn circle in a pose that surrenders her body to the ground, facing the outside of the circle.  In her hand is a siezo pick up, that connects to an amplifier that is placed in the center of the cirlce. She slowly moves extending her arms to straight and then bending them back around her head. She does this 10x and then inches her clockwise. She continues to do this moving aorund the entirey of the perimeter of the circle.


The piece presents the body in relation to time and space. Nathalie Brilliant serves an indicator for time as she makes noise on the floor as her body moves. 

Performance Times:
7:00 - 9:00 PM

relational-moving-forms was part of a larger exhibiton called, "DEMO," as part of #* Collective Exhbition.


Exhibiting Artists part of #* collective:

  • Takming Chuang

  • Keith DeNatale

  • Tyler Eash

  • Kristine Eudey

  • Hadar Kleiman

  • Dominique Littleton

  • Danielle Nelson Mourning

  • Kevin Demery Raien

  • Landis Velazquez

More info on #* can be found here:

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