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photograph by Jamie Lyons


Brielle Brilliant

Nathalie Brilliant


Directed by Nathalie Brilliant and Brielle Brilliant

Date: 2014


Franconia Salon 10, San Francisco, CA


Concept: As Brielle Brilliant recited the words to a poem entitled, "a body in a box," Nathalie Brilliant wrapped her, beginnijng at her toes and ending at her head, in saran wrap. By the time that Nathaie arrived at Brielle's head, Brielle the words to the poem became a muffled sound. It became difficult for Brielle to breathe, and so Nathalie cut a slit in the saran wrap by her nose, allocating air. After wrapping Brielle, Nathalie left the stage. Brielle remained on stage. Nathalie then returned to the stage, and cut through the saran wrap down the front center of Brielle's body. 

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