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Video by Sky Bennett // Photographs by Charlie Bird



Aaron Freedman

Maria Dawn 

Nathalie Brilliant


Jonathan Anzalone

Directed by Nathalie Brilliant


Date: November 21st, 2015


B4BEL4B Gallery in Oakland, California

    - performed for a duration of 6 hours



Bodies and sculptures somatically investigate each other and the wood sculptures present exploring and holding dynamic body positions and shapes. Movement is amplified through microphones creating living compositions of sound in relation to body movement.

The piece thinks about how, we as bodies, shape each other, and how the things and objects that surround us define and inform gesture and movement. Conformed quotidian movement will be deconstructed through conscious somatic play and exploration of body in relation to architecture.

The performance presents the body in a sculptural, objective, somatic and psychological manner, beginning with the body as medium, as art. It looks to consider how the spaces we situate ourselves in and the people who surround us shape our beings and inform the way we bend, move and think and looks to present a poetic display of co-existence, relation and interaction.


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