Private Yoga & Meditation Sessions Available. 

Private Yoga sessions include short consultation where we check in with what is going on in your body and your mind. This is followed by a personalized yoga class as a way to learn more about each pose and how it works with your body. Guided meditation and Reiki is weaved throughout each session. 

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Teaching Schedule 

*Currently leading workshops in London*

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Healing with Nature

A movement ritual in nature that illuminates the power that a poetic presence with nature has to heal inwardly.

~ Simple and easy movement, writing, and free drawing woven into ritual. No experience is necessary ~


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me privately or on this event page.


*please wear comfortable clothes and shoes*

*meeting point tba*


Cost : 33 pounds per person.




This workshop is led by Nathalie Brilliant. Nathalie is a spiritual artist, guide and mother of two boys and a black labrador. She has training and a background in psychology, yoga, meditation, somatic experiencing, performance art, painting, journey work, Reiki, and Anna Halprin's life/art work. All these practices have informed the current work and healing she does.


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Nathalie's classes [here] are so nice & calming. I've taken both her restorative class with candle light and her therapeutic yoga class and each time I've left in such a relaxed, peaceful state. She uses meditations, singing bowls, and deep stretches to get me in a state of mellow I usually don't hit in a yoga class. 
Highly recommend when you need some zen!